Have you walked through the mirror? Here in Kerala! First in South India

You can look at the mirror in the mirror, but walk on the mirror? Will it not be broken? No worries, this is not a mirror brining. To walk through the mirror, quickly leave to Wayanad. And beyond the usual tourism ideas we’ve heard. Wayanad is a new tourist attraction for tourists. his was the first in South India. Those who want to experience the glass bridge experience will go to Wayanad.

It is a small edition of China’s glass windows in 2016. The traveling folks just know that this is a mirror.
It is located 13 km from Meppadi in the Thondayayirampur dam. You can go to your own vehicle for up to nine thousand. From there there is a jeep to the mirror. The bridge is owned by a private person. All imported from Italy, including fiberglass for construction, was imported from Italy. Only three or four people are allowed to walk through the same bridge at the same time. Fee is Rs 100 for a person.
Akbar Ali has a video shared on Facebook